If a large number of people around the world
Lived out the phrase:

Go Love People

Would the world change?

Matt Payn

Founder, Visionary. Husband to Amy. Dad of two outrageously fun boys. Strives to change the world one person at a time. Has many experiences living out GoLovePeople…but it all began with one small step.

Casey Riley

Founding Executive, Technology Expert. Takes ideas and creates solutions. Background with scalable national and global tech companies. Prefers doing good in costume (Star Wars). Wants to see people engaged in doing good in ordinary ways… everywhere.

Maryanna Young

Founding Executive, Connector & Company Builder. Former sports agent and sporting event executive. Loves all things Hawaiian. Sees the good in everyone and how their connection to others changes everything.

Steve Duskett

Founding Executive, Multidisciplinary Designer of Ideas and Branding. Takes products and creates identities for them. Wants to see the world bettered by ease of community & volunteer action.

Naazim Abdulla

Founding Executive, Technology Expert. Global experience in systems architecture. Is passionate about building unity in diverse groups of people. Motivated to take action in his community, he cares for those with the greatest need.

Go Love People Is:

1) Avg people + ordinary acts of kindness = extraordinary impact
2) Technology focused
3) Willing to partner with other organizations to build communities